воскресенье, 18 июня 2017 г.

Going Green

Task 1
   I take the view that there are many things which are harmful to the environment, and we must cope with this environmental catastrophe. The biggest problem is the saving energy
  We had dump waste on every territory, but we should start to think how to recycle waste. What about the vehicle emissions? It is harmful not only for people, but for natural habitat. Now we have a global warming and in result it is climate change, what includes the changing weather patterns. Furthermore, in result there is melting of glaciers
   It is better to use up natural resources, such as solar energy and offshore wind farms, and solar heating in your house.
  In addition, there is deforastation. In result the animals are in danger of extinction and actions of people can wipe them out.

Task 1
   As for me it is important to change our ways of getting energy in the future, and also think about planting more trees and flowers, but not cut down trees.
  First of all, every country must have introducing green taxes, what helps to animals not be in captivity, pollute water and air less and finally conserve energy.
   It is better to use unleaded petrol to prevent a big amount of exhaust fumes.
  What about having eco-home and solar heating there?
   We always can find a solution even it is a daunting task. Finally remember about biodegradable pachaging and energy conservation, because you can destroy ozone layer and have dire consequences in future.

Dark Side of Tourism
   When we come to the travel agent and ask for a trip abroad, usually we imagine a luxury hotel near sea or ocean and that we'll be soak up the atmosphere there. But remember that there are stunning cities which conceal negative things.
   First of all, what about ethnic groups and their religious faith in the country where you would like to have a dream holiday? You don't know if these people find you attractive, because they can hostility towards immigrants. In addition, local people can have a cultural shock. Don't forget about refugees who flee from a native country and now take refuge in foreign country.
   Furthermore, what about remarkably diverse architecture? Please, take your time and in advance of a trip overseas read carefully a holiday brochure, because near the holiday resort it can be places which undergo restoration and run-down hotels. I honestly think that most of you will dread these places and during the trip yearn for native land.
Finally, remember about etiquette. I recommend you don't revolt any people, but try to fascinate them with your politeness.
   Wish you really enjoy all your trips, go sightseeing as much as possible and always leave at peace with other people.

Recreation 2017 in NaU "OA"

   Not long ago in July we had sports competitions between departments, what attracted attention and keep students informed about this event. Of course, it was a front-page headline and every student wanted to receive nominations for taking part in this.
      Some people were economical with the truth and always talk this event up, but we didn't know what was really behind the scenes.
     You should fully accept the fact that only the strongest faculty can win. At the end the organizers heap praise on all departments, but one of all won a lot of praise for their agility.
    I strongly deny that it was easy competition, but all faculties were presented themselves with dignity to celebrate the achievements.

     After recreation some people were in the public eye and suffered from press intrusion. Rumour has it that I was an interviewer and reveal the truth in one person from department of Romance and Germanic languages. Don't reject this idea, because it's true. I don't want to quote this person. But the information was about that it was difficult but with a lot of fun I would like to add in news reports and that this news will leak out. I won't cover information up and embelish this, but reveal a secret how to prepare for such kind of competitions and how enjoy success.

His story

         I take the view that the most important inventions are which we use till today. I hope that vast amount of people think the same. 
        This invention is on behalf of Alexander Graham Bell, who had a remarkable achievement and now this really has a lot of influence on society. I'm sure that he can enjoy the fruits of his hard work. His invention is a telephone, what was really important when wars broke out. It helped the military forces to know when defend the territory or defeat the troops, when go to war or open fire, or who was taken prisoner.
       Furthermore, there is a dramatic improvement in the world, because if you need to go to one place, you will be able to call a person. I honestly think he made useful contributions in technology development, and in result of that he had a lot of medals.
         His next inventions are different aircrafts, what helped to be a war and made a military operation. These inventions didn't have the dire consequences, but made good progress.
       All citizens should take it seriously, because first of all telephone always helps us to lead a peace talks, restore order and prevent war.

Money Matters

   It is important to spend money on things reasonably, because now you are well-off and in one moment you will be able to become a hard up person. I honestly think, you should raise money, because money is always tight. Furthermore, I will never skimp on everything for my family, but if I have possibility to buy things with rock-bottom prices, I will do it. 
  Besides, I will try to settle up with everyone and don't run up any bills. If I wish to be seriously rich, I will need to earn a good salary. Finally, money doesn't grow on trees, so try to be thrifty.

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суббота, 10 июня 2017 г.

Sound Mind in a Sound Body

   Students are always in a rush having quick snacks. Usually it is a junk food which includes products high in calories and fat. But I recommend you to change your lifestyle and have a healthy appetite than eating processed foods and GM foods. I’m sure that this food spoils your appetite. But how to take up exercise, follow a fitness program and finally eat organic food and home-cooked food?
  The most important is not to have a sedentary lifestyle, because then you can have an overweight. Furthermore, keep track of your nutrition, because in result you can get eating disorder, obesity and weight gain. In addition, remember that it is important to have a hearty breakfast and don’t roast a meat in the evening.
   If you don’t want to have an indigestion, don’t buy ready meals in supermarkets. Why? Because there are a lot of food additives which can lead to a stomach ache after what you should have total bed rest for a week.
    Think over your lifestyle and make a wise decision, because you are what you eat!

четверг, 1 июня 2017 г.

Creating a Company

    In the nearest future I would like to set up a company “USA” , which will be the largest online store for the sale of US appliances. I need the qualified employees, who aren’t employed now and are open to offers of the steady job. And now I tell you about this more.
    First of all, our company works in the field of sales. You have to take and execute orders at a fast pace, because we work closely with foreign companies. Of course you should meet the requirements of any customer. I know that everyone want to have a well-paid job with good working conditions, and I would like to present some of them. Firstly, you can have the rewards and get a promotion. Furthermore, you can to embark on a career and gradually climb the career ladder. If you carry out work and supervise work, you can have the perks. Besides, you will be entitled to sick pay and then will be on sick leave. In addition, we work flexitime.
  What about your qualities? You should be good with figures, be a people person, work well in a team, master new skills and be ready to be on the go.
   If you want to get feedbacks, I'll provide references here.
   Finally, put together your CV and fill in application forms, and then you can attend an interview. We’ll assess your skills and you will be able to be taken on by our company.